Magazine Design

Project Brief
Caribbean Belle is an award-winning magazine that focuses on fashion, culture and lifestyles. In their first year of publication, I was contracted to do a design and layout revamp.
Research and Analysis
Research revealed that at the time, there were over 50 local and regional magazines geared towards the Caribbean woman, and many of them were free. The challenge; how to help a fledgling, subscription only magazine gain a foothold in an already saturated niche market?
Creative Process
The creative process always evolves beautifully when you are working with like-minded clients. From the get-go the team was open to all creative suggestions, and like-wise I was open to all creative criticisms. This was one of my first projects as an independent designer, and we experimented with each publication until we found the perfect blend. The end result, edgy but inviting, simple, clean lines, ample use of white space, and some interesting focal points using images.
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