Corporate Newsletter Design

Project Brief
PotashCorp is the world’s largest fertilizer company by capacity, producing three primary crop nutrients: potash, nitrogen and phosphate. PCS Nitrogen Limited is a subsidiary of PotashCorp, and is one of the world’s largest nitrogen complexes. They operate four ammonia plants, and one urea plant.
I was contracted to do a complete re-design of the newsletter in 2004. Previously, the newsletter was published primarily for internal distribution. However, they intended to increase public awareness of their company, its objectives, goals, and achievements, and a decision was made to revamp and circulate to a wider audience.
Creative Process
With any long-term project, design constantly evolves to suit client needs, market objectives and design trends, and the newsletter has undergone various transitions over the years, including:
Content: In 2004, the publication was a 12 page synopsis on quarterly activity, comprising mostly of image collages and captions. Over the years, the newsletter has organically grown into a 24 page publication that reflects the company’s focus on safety updates and achievements, community outreach initiatives and employee engagement programs. The newsletter is now actively used as a tool to market the company, locally and internationally.
Design: Every year I try something new in terms of design and layout. Over time I have discovered what works and what doesn’t. In the latest version, I use large images, bold black headers, pops of color to differentiate the various sections, and I have finally convinced the client to do away with justified text alignment.
Copy: One of the challenges company employees often encounter is finding the time to devote to tasks that are not directly related to their job responsibilities. Meaning, it was difficult to get article and image submissions on time, so that we could make each quarterly deadline.  During a particularly busy period for them, I offered to mock up the articles; all I needed were the bare bones of each piece. Since then, my role as designer has expanded to include copywriter as well.
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