Responsive Web Design

In business since 1996, Dockyard Electrics is a supplier of satellite communications equipment and services, globally and regionally. Products and services include handheld phones, fixed land installations, vehicle installations, portable terminals, maritime and offshore systems. They also partner with global industry leaders to provide service and support for broadband satellite data and voice communications.
Project Brief
For the past 20 years, Dockyard Electrics conducted business through traditional channels. They wanted to establish an online presence, with deliverables including a responsive website, online newsletters, and social media interactions.
Research and Analysis
Initial consultation with the client resulted in the following:
The client had a product inventory numbering in the hundreds, and since products, services and suppliers would be changing constantly, the website had to be adaptable to frequent updates.
Future website evolution would include e-commerce capabilities, so initial technical design and layout would have to accommodate e-commerce expansion.
Technical Solutions
I decided that a WordPress enabled website would be the best fit, given the client’s budget and brief.

The website is responsive, and was successfully cross-platform tested on multiple browsers, iOS and android devices.
E-commerce capabilities, though not visible to the end user, was built into the website’s functionality, to accommodate a fluid launch in the future.
Master templates were created for areas of the site that would need frequent updates.
Design and Layout
Though the website is expansive and multi-layered, it is masked by a clean layout and simple navigation. Icons, navigation prompts and quick links are used throughout the site to help the end user.

The landing page uses a slideshow to feature the most popular products and services, with images, text and links. This area will also be used to highlight any upcoming events, news, product launches etc.
Users can navigate via several methods, including product, brand, or application.
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