Corporate Sustainability Reports

PotashCorp is the world’s largest fertilizer company by capacity, producing three primary crop nutrients: potash, nitrogen and phosphate. PCS Nitrogen Limited is a subsidiary of PotashCorp, and is one of the world’s largest nitrogen complexes. They operate four ammonia plants, and one urea plant.
Project Brief
Prior to 2010, all of the client’s sustainability initiatives were incorporated into the contents of their quarterly newsletter. Over the years, sustainability became a global focal point, and as their initiatives expanded and thrived, management decided to devote a yearly publication to highlight the company’s progress.
Research and Analysis
With operations and business interests in seven countries, PotashCorp is an international enterprise and plays an important role in helping the world grow the food it needs. This mandate would set the tone for each yearly publication, “How are we helping to feed the world?”
The client had a wealth of information, we just needed to organize and present it in a way that would be both educational and informative to all stakeholders. They also wanted to keep each report at 20 pages, giving a snapshot of sustainability progress rather than an in-depth report on all activities.
We decided that information would be divided into four key areas; Stakeholders, Safety, Health and Environment, Corporate Social Responsibility and Our People.
Each report would be themed, using buzz words associated with the client’s industry and objectives. The client wanted to maintain a clean, minimalist design with each publication. The color palette would change each year, but I also had to incorporate the use of the company’s signature greens. Information graphics would also be used when possible. Over the years, I also experimented with different page sizes, orientation and binding.
Creative Process
Since this project required copy, the first step was sifting through all the existing content and creating a concise, thematic narrative. The creative draft then had to be approved by both local and corporate management. In 2010, this was a lengthy process, but the benefit of working with a client over time is that your writing and design styles organically adapt to their needs, so by 2015 the creative process was straightforward.
2014 Corporate Sustainability Report: “How we Grow”
2013 Corporate Sustainability Report: “Share, Grow, Sustain”
2012 Corporate Sustainability Report: “Cultivating a Sustainable Future”
2011 Corporate Sustainability Report: “Excellence begins with Responsibility”
2010 Corporate Sustainability Report: “Sustainable Steps for Smart Growth”
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